Virtual assistant at your service

Talk about flavors and let our virtual assistant help your customers choose. They will be satisfied with your service and return for more!


increase cutstomers rating

Let your customer discover tasting notes from online reviewers and recommend the drink they want.


customer loyality

Enhance your customers' shopping experience and give them a unique experience. Your satisfied customer will definitely return.


review & ratings

Customers are always looking for recommendations from others. This tooling summarizes many reviews in your store.

why drinks review virtual assistant?

Put your customer central, give them

shopping experience

Give your customer a great shopping experience. This is the reason they come to your shop instead of buying online. Our app allows you to understand your customer so you can sell them the drink they want or convince to try something new. Let them experience new flavors. Their shopping becomes enjoyable!

your will

  • Increase sale
  • Engage with your customer
  • Get customer loyality
  • Talk about flavors and drinks

review the reviews

Customers are always looking for reviews before buying. Give your customers the opportunity to view and compare the tasting reviews to find something that suits their tastng palette in your store. Let them discover new drinks and read the reviews. This is an additional help for you to convince your customer to make a purchase.

give your customer

  • A data-driven tasting experience
  • New insights
  • Summary of tasting reviews
  • Tasting notes from consumers like them
  • Opinions of the possible purchases

by tasting intelligence

Drinks Review Virtual Assistant is powered by Tasting Intelligence. It is designed with the aim of having a virtual assistant to show to your clients without distraction. There are no links that keep the customer on your site. As a result, they have no opportunity leave the app to peek at the competition.


  • Integrated in one account
  • Shared resources, same database
  • Buying from your site is disabled
  • No internal and external links
  • All the benefits from Tasting Intelligence

review flavors

Your customers get the tasting notes from many tasters and consumers. Moreover, you can guide your customer with flavors of you as an expert.


summary of reviews

Your customers get an overview and summary of reviews found online. Give them the chance to read reviews and they'll be more willing to buy.


review sentiments

Let customers find out what the crowd reaction is and dive into the reviews. This way they can find what they like and ask you for your professional advice.

drinks reviewed

Try it

no external links

Keep your customers in your shop. There are no internal or external links so they won't vist others to compare pirces.


easy to use

Your customers don't need advanced knowlegde to use the software. They will just check and make up their minds.


zero distraction

This dashboard is lean and keeps your customer focussed on the drink. It serves the purpose to review the drink they like to buy.

get it now

Drinks review virtual assistant is available as a stand-alone or within a Tasting Intelligence plan.

Ideal for drinks reviewers, liquor stores, (whisky)bars, and more. Use this to show customers AI-rated drinks and convince them to buy. Buy this if you don't want or need any other features offered by Tasting Intelligence.

This plan cannot be upgraded to any other Tasting Intelligence plan.

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Drinks Reviewer
Virtual Assistant
17.5/mo Billed yearly 210.00
  • Only access to Drinks Review Virtual Assistant
  • No upgrades possible to other plans
  • Invoice available
  • Excluding VAT

about us

Drinks-review is the landing page for the virtual assistant drinks review, a special module of Tasting Intelligence. We focus on helping consumers choose based on their flavor profile with insights from ratings and reviews. In our view, consumers go to the liquor store, bar or specialist and want to find a drink they like or try something new. They can use this virtual assistant to get some insights and then the real tasting expert will help them further with options.

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Our mission is to help you, a taster, blogger, influencer, or small business owner, achieve your goals with tastings and flavors. We provide the data and analytics, we search the internet and present it for you.


Our vision is a Data-driven Tasting Experience. To learn from available data and improve yourself as a taster. We believe in AI-assisted (Artificial Intelligence) but human-verified, so the human has always the final decision.


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